Liner/Ferry: RMS Queen Mary - Ocean Liner

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RMS Queen Mary - Ocean Liner
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This is a nicely detailed model of the RMS Queen Mary. The ship in nearly the entire length of the bottle and is displayed sailing on a sea of dark blue. The ship was inserted in multiple pieces. The bottom of the hull is painted red. There is a thin white stripe above the and then the remainder is painted black. The black has window port holes painted in white the entire length of the hull. The main deck is natural wood and there is a small raised deck platform on the bow and a small cabin on the stern. Two masts rise from the lower deck an at the base of each are 2 crane or cargo lifts. On the ship you can see 5 decks painted in white and the captains control deck above that. All raised decks are painted white and lined with ports painted in black. There are 16 small lifeboat painted white. One of the decks has a roof which extends from the main part of the deck to create a covered walkway and it is supported with wooden posts. On the top are 3 red smokestacks with 2 thin black stripes and the top 1/3 painted black. The bottle is a Beefeater Dry Gin bottle sealed with the original screw cap and the full label is still attached and is positioned on the bottom and under the sea.

Made in: 1970's in London, England

Bottle Size: 10 1/2" x 2 3/4"

Type of Bottle: Beefeater Dry Gin

Condition: Very Good

RMS Queen Mary - Ocean Liner
RMS Queen Mary - Ocean Liner
RMS Queen Mary - Ocean Liner
RMS Queen Mary - Ocean Liner

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