Liner/Ferry: Belgium Passenger Ferry

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Belgium Passenger Ferry
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This is a scene of an old Belgium passenger ferry sailing past a city built on land high above tall white cliffs (perhaps Dover) rising from the sea. The ferry has a solid black hull with many white port windows painted on. There are multiple decks made in high detail. The decks are painted white with many rectangular ports around the decks. The main deck has several details and features such as funnels. There are 2 well-proportioned and detailed masks with a single yard on each. The rigging is well done. Toward the front of the top deck is a large smoke stack in light brown color and painted black on the top on-forth. There are 8 lifeboats painted white with green painted covers. On the top deck is a skylight and rear cabin. The steering cabin on front is very realistic and in multiple sections. There is detailed railing around several sections in the mid and stern areas of the ship. Inside the back of the bottle is a realistically painted light blue sky with white clouds. There is a rocky shore with white cliffs rising from the shore. These are the white cliffs of Dover. There are 9 separate buildings all painted white, full of windows and red roofs. Toward the center on at the highest point is a gray castle with a flag flying in the middle. There is a greenish sea with some whitecaps. The bottle is sealed with a cork and the whole top and part of the neck is painted in Belgium colors. There use to be regular passenger ferry service between Ostend, Belgium and Dover, England. Crew members made these ships in bottles to pass the time.

Made in: 1950's in Oostende, Belgium

Bottle Size: 10.5" x 2.75"

Type of Bottle: Squared whiskey bottle

Condition: Excellent

Belgium Passenger Ferry
Belgium Passenger Ferry
Belgium Passenger Ferry
Belgium Passenger Ferry

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