Light Bulb: Raft Light

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Raft Light
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Wonderful representation of a wooden timbered raft floating down the river in a small chandelier type bulb. The raft is made from individual "logs." There are 2 men on the raft, one in the front and the other in the stern steering the raft with a long pole rudder. The raft has one mast with a unfurled sail. There is also a cargo box on the raft. The bulb is mounted in an upright piece of wood painted dark red that extends to a dark red wood base with a life buoy and a switch. When you push the switch a light illuminates the raft. Under the base is a cavity for the battery and wiring for the light. Built by Peter Zehe, a painter by trade.

Made in: 1983

Made by: Zehe, Peter in Koblenz, Germany

Bottle Size: 3 1/2" light bulb

Type of Bottle: Chandelier type bulb

Condition: Excellent

Raft Light
Raft Light
Raft Light
Raft Light

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