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Yacht with one mast and 3 sails on light green ocean. Deck cabin with lifeboat on top. Another roofed hatch imitating glass. 2 coiled ropes on deck. 3 Portholes on hull and 3 on cabin per side. Good rigging with red and green flag half way up and a blue flag with white anchor and 4 stars from mast. Dimensional island with nice lighthouse. Bottled has tag identifying maker but some parts hard to read. This was a prize from a CB Radio Jamboree in the 1960's. The winner of the bottle was told the maker had only one arm and built this with tools held in mouth.

Made in: Early 1960's

Made by: McCollom, Bruce in 1790 McAuther Road, Windsor, Ontario

Bottle Size: 9" x 2.25" x 4"

Type of Bottle: Trapazodial shape with gold cap.

Condition: Very Good


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