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Bluenose - Schooner
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This is a very detailed and well made model of the racing schooner "Bluenose." The ship is displayed in a lab flask and is a whole hull model. The bollom of the hull is natural color and shows planking. The top portion of the hull is black with a white stripe dividing the black sections. There are 2 masts with 6 sails. The rigging is very detailed and authentic. The deck has a cabin on the stern portion and there are 2 lifeboats. Bluenose was the 121st ship built in the Smith & Rhuland Shipyard in Lunenburg, and was launched on March 26, 1921. She took the Trophy that year and never relinquished it, although many schooners from Nova Scotia and the New England States were designed and constructed to beat her. Bluenose won fame and widespread recognition for her racing prowess, but in her twenty-five seasons she participated in only six serious competitions. She was built at a time when Lunenburg had many sturdy vessels that could work the Atlantic Banks effectively, and her own abilities in this regard were acknowledged but not loudly proclaimed. History remembers her races, but often neglects the rest. She served the fishing fleet for nearly twenty seasons, when the normal lifespan for a wooden schooner was ten, landing many good catches and achieving the distinction of high-liner of the fleet on more than one occasion. She served her owners well, and brought her crew through storms that claimed many other vessels and lives. A combination of age, the global depression of the 1930s, the onset of World War II, and the arrival of diesel powered fishing trawlers finally forced the sale of Bluenose to the West Indian Trading Company in 1942. She spent four years as a freighter before being wrecked on a reef near Haiti in January of 1946.

Made in: 2004

Made by: Prasad, Satish in New Delhi, India

Bottle Size: 4 3/4" x 3 1/2"

Type of Bottle: 250 ml lab flask

Condition: Excellent

Bluenose - Schooner
Bluenose - Schooner
Bluenose - Schooner
Bluenose - Schooner

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