Yacht/Watercraft: 2 Vintas

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2 Vintas
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This bottle contains two pituresque southern boats (the Vinta) with colorful sails gliding across the Sulu Sea. The front vinta has a 2 carved figures paddling the canoe through the water. One is dressed in red and the other in blue. Inside the canoe are 5 boxes or crates. The sail is blue and red striped. The rear vinta has one man dressed in green paddling the canoe. The canoe is full of wood and has a yellow, red and green patterned sail. The model sits on a hessian-covered base. Under the base are the words "Phillipines" and "Muslim Vinta, Southern Phillipines" stamped on the bottom The bottled is sealed in a cane weave and rope wrapped several times.

Made in: Southern Philippines

Bottle Size: 9" x 4"

Type of Bottle: Consolidated Distillers

Condition: Excellent

2 Vintas
2 Vintas
2 Vintas
2 Vintas

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