Steamer/Freighter: Trawler

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Wonderful diorama of a freighter sailing on a light green sea past a large city with 2 small sailboats following. The freighter has the letters/numbers O2Son front of the freighter. The hull is green and the deck is full of items including a multi layered cabin/captains deck, lifeboat, railing, 2 masts with one sail and rigging, smokestack, and several deck items. The deck also shows planking. There is a large city to the right with 12 large townhouse style buildings and a tall tower. To the back is an island with a tall lighthouse and house. Separating the two land masses are long channel docks with lights on the end. The background is light colored sky with clouds. The bottle is sealed with a cork.

Made in: 1950's

Bottle Size: 10 1/4" x 3 1/4"

Type of Bottle: Johnny Walker

Condition: Excellent


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