Steamer/Freighter: Ocean Steamship

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Ocean Steamship
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This is a well presented old ocean steam ship in bottle. The ship sails on a choppy sea of blue gray. The ship is wonderfully detailed with 3 decks, 6 lifeboats with davits. Two rigged masts with 4 "crane" lifts extending from the base of each mast. The top deck has a smoke stack with dark gray smoke rising up. There are many deck houses, numerous vents and other items throughout the ship. The decks and cabins have many larg rectangular port windows painted in brown. The hull is black with a copper bottom and white top. The decks are in natural wood color. There are many port holes represented on the hull. The ship is firmly nestled on a gray painted Huon Pine base found in Tasmania. The base is painted with a decorative mold contouring with the bottle on the platform. The bottled is sealed with a cork.

Made in: 1920's in Tasmania, Australia

Bottle Size: 11 1/2" x 2 3/4"

Type of Bottle: Obscure Melbourne Liquor Bottle

Condition: Very Good

Ocean Steamship
Ocean Steamship
Ocean Steamship
Ocean Steamship

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