Steamer/Freighter: Dundee Oil Hunter - Oil Hunting Ship

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Dundee Oil Hunter - Oil Hunting Ship
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This is an extraordinary detailed and well executed model of the Dundee an Oil Hunting ship. The ship is sailing on a very deep sea of blue/green with the wake of the ship visible. The hull is red on the bottom and the remainder black. The words "Oil Hunter" is on the bow and "Oil Hunter Dundee" on the stern section. Port holes are draw in white on the bow and mid section of the ship. The ships cabin has 3 decks and is painted white with a green floor or top. The words "Oil Hunter" is prominently painted on the side. There are several large square windows and 2 smaller ones drawn on the large cabin. The are 2 smoke stacks extending up from the lower deck. They are red with a wide white stripe painted on near the top and the very top is painted black. The word "Oil" is painted on in the white striped area. There are cranes, railings, life boat, small cabins, hatches and much more on this ship, The ship has 2 masts with nice rigging with each. There are 3 small flags flying from the rigging. There are many more accurate and detailed features in this model. The bottle is sealed with a cork and on the inside of the bottle there is a colorful sky with the colors of sunset painted on the back of the bottle. Under the sea is a label with the modeler's name and the date the model was made. "N. Jamieson 1982."

Made in: 1982

Made by: Jamieson, N. in Dundee, United Kingdom

Bottle Size: 9 1/4" x 3 1/2"

Type of Bottle: Gordon's Dry Gin Bottle

Condition: Excellent

Dundee Oil Hunter - Oil Hunting Ship
Dundee Oil Hunter - Oil Hunting Ship
Dundee Oil Hunter - Oil Hunting Ship
Dundee Oil Hunter - Oil Hunting Ship

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