2Steam, PaddlewheelSteam, PaddlewheelN/A
21Western River - Steam Paddle BoatWestern River - Steam Paddle BoatN/A
23Metamora - Steam PaddleboatMetamora - Steam PaddleboatN/A
45Ocean SteamshipOcean SteamshipN/A
69Stedeyade - FreighterStedeyade - FreighterN/A
127PE12 and PE13 - TrawlerPE12 and PE13 - TrawlerN/A
171David Moran - New York Harbor Tug BoatDavid Moran - New York Harbor Tug BoatN/A
172Gem WY2 - Fishing boat and SailboatGem WY2 - Fishing boat and SailboatN/A
246Dundee Oil Hunter - Oil Hunting ShipDundee Oil Hunter - Oil Hunting ShipN/A
278Mary Elizabeth - Tug BoatMary Elizabeth - Tug BoatN/A
287Charles - Cargo ShipCharles - Cargo ShipN/A
307Mississippi Queen - River SteamboatMississippi Queen - River SteamboatN/A
311Frankfurt Express - Container ShipFrankfurt Express - Container ShipN/A
312Neptun Basel - Paddle SteamerNeptun Basel - Paddle SteamerN/A
364Tug BoatTug BoatN/A
93No ImageParis - Seine Cargo ShipN/A

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