Sailing Ship: VL15 - Ketch

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VL15 - Ketch
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This is a model of a Ketch sailing on a deep blue sea. The ship has 2 masts, 4 sails and has the flag of Netherlands flying form the rear mast. On the large sail is "VL15." The masts show hoop rings, and the rigging is very detailed with black standing rigging and beige running rigging. The sails are stitched to the rigging and the ship has shrouds and ratlines. The hull was assembled in the bottle in 2 sections and it is painted black. The deck shows a great deal of detail with cabins, large green cargo bags with bead work where they are tied. The rudder and tiller, bollards, and numerous tie-offs are on the deck. The bottle is sealed with a cork and has rope braiding on the neck. The maker, Andreas Fischer was a binnenfischer by trade and was a frequent guest of a restaurant owned by the seller of this auction. He made numerous ships in bottles and static ship models the were displayed around the restaurant and many were sold to guests and patrons of the restaurant.

Made in: 1984

Made by: Fischer, Andreas in Berlin, Germany

Bottle Size: 19 1/2" x 4 1/2"

Type of Bottle: Asbach 3 liter

Condition: Excellent

VL15 - Ketch
VL15 - Ketch
VL15 - Ketch
VL15 - Ketch

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