Sailing Ship: Viking

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Very nicely made Viking ship sailing and being oared across a sea of deep blue. The bow and the stern of the ship has the curved ornamentation so typical of this type of ship. There are 8 long oars being pulled across the water leaving a ripple. There are 10 red and white shields on the deck and hanging from the side of the ship. The ship has one mast with the red and white strips common in Viking ships. There is a rudder on the stern of the ship and the hull is colored with red and white stripes. The bottle is capped and secured with a heavy rope and sealing wax. The bottle rests on a very well made plinth shaped like the bottle. Built by Peter Zehe, a painter by trade.

Made in: 1984

Made by: Zehe, Peter in Koblenz, Germany

Bottle Size: 8 1/2" x 4"

Type of Bottle: Haig Dimple Bottle

Condition: Excellent


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