Sailing Ship: Victorine - Hudson River Sloop

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Victorine - Hudson River Sloop
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This is a model of the Hudson River Sloop "Victorine." The Victorine of Cold Spring which was built by J. F. Welsie in 1848 at Piermont: Length (without bowsprit) 68? 9? Bowsprit 25? Draft (with centerboard up) 4? 6? Draft (with centerboard down) 10? 6? Main mast 80? Main boom 74? Top mast 42? Gaff 36? Mainsail area 4,063 sq. ft. Jib area 1,044 sq. ft. Topsail area 640 sq. ft. The Hudson River sloop rigging was fairly simple, consisting of three heavy shrouds athwartship to the mast hounds, with no spreaders, and tightened by rigging through dead eyes on the lower shroud ends, and an extended frame timber. The sloops carried a forestay to the masthead and a second forestay from the same point on the bowsprit to the head of the top mast. There were no backstays or runners; the weight of the boom, sail, and gaff surely must have been more than sufficient, considering also that the shrouds were run nearly plumb from a slightly raked mast, giving considerable backstaying effect. There is a label on bottom of bottle identifies, maker, name of ship, style, when and where made. Ship is 3.5 long and 5" tall. It is a whole hull model on stand in bottle.

Made in: 2002

Made by: Robenolt, Ken in Newark, New York

Bottle Size: 11: x 6.5"

Type of Bottle: Upright, 1.5 liter, slight green tint, handle on side at top, corked

Condition: Excellent

Victorine - Hudson River Sloop
Victorine - Hudson River Sloop
Victorine - Hudson River Sloop
Victorine - Hudson River Sloop

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