Sailing Ship: V171 - Brig

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V171 - Brig
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This is a model of a Brig sailing in a sea of blue near a town or village built high on a hill. The ship has 2 masts and 8 sails flying with a V171 on one of the sails. The hull is red bottom with a white top and 14 gun ports colored in black. The deck has planks drawn on. There is a very long multi colored banner flying from the main mast and on the end is the year 1968, the year this was made. The village is rises high from the sea and the ground is a dark brown. There are 6 houses painted white with black windows and red roofs. There is also a windmill and lighthouse. The bottle is sealed with a cork. The modeler of this bottle was Hans Euler and he was the brother of the seller. He had a little museum in Tangerhütte, a little town in East-Germany. He died in 2001 at age 74. He made this ship in 1968 and made several others over the years. He gave this ship to his sister, Gertrud Euler Prutz, in 1987 as a gift. He came to Hamburg for the first time after the world war in 1945. He lived in the Old DDR (East-Germany) and he could not cross into West-Germany (boundary-line) until 1987 when he was 59 years old when he visited his sister for one week.

Made in: 1968

Made by: Euler, Hans in Tangerhütte, Germany

Bottle Size: 9 1/4" x 3"

Type of Bottle: Unidentified .5 liter

Condition: Excellent

V171 - Brig
V171 - Brig
V171 - Brig
V171 - Brig

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