Sailing Ship: USS Preble II 1839 - Sloop-of-War

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USS Preble II 1839 - Sloop-of-War
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This ship in the bottle is a replica of the 1839 USS Preble II. It sails on a sea of light blue with white ships wake. It is a Sloop-of-War and has a black hull and white stripe around the gun ports, and a white bowsprit with a double dolphin striker. The deck is natural wood color and has 24 painted gun ports with 8 cannons visible on the deck. There are numerous details on the deck. Mid deck is a lifeboat painted white and showing brown seats and a second lifeboat hangs from davits on the stern on the ship. 2 anchors are mounted on the bow. The ship has 3 masts and 18 sails. The rigging is very well done and has both standing rigging in black and running rigging in white. A long banner flies from atop the mast and an American flag flies the stern rigging. Under the sea is a label with the following words: "USS Preble II 1839, Built for RV Cowles 1971 by Jack Verducci." It is sealed with a wooden stopper covered with red sealing wax. Ships History The second ship to be named PREBLE was a Sloop-Of-War, built by the Portsmouth Navy Yard, Kittery, Maine. She was launched June 13, 1839. Her length was 117'; beam 32'; depth of hold 15', and tonnage 556. PREBLE sailed for Labrador then made a cruise to the Mediterranean in 1843 and was attached to the African Squadron in 1845. PREBLE again sailed from New York in 1846 and joined the Pacific Squadron on the west coast, taking part in the Mexican War. In the summer of 1848 she sailed for the East Indies and Japan. On 18 April 1849, under Captain James Glynn, the release of sixteen shipwrecked seaman from the American Whaling ship LAGODA was negotiated. She returned to the east coast of the United States in November 1850 and served as practice ship for midshipmen until 1857 when she was placed in ordinary. She was ordered to the Gulf Blockading Squadron in July 1861 and was engaged in the blockade of the Mississippi River. PREBLE was serving as a guard ship moored in Pensacola Bay on April 27, 1863, when a fire began on board, started by a careless crewman. PREBLE was abandoned by her crew and later exploded. In 1963, Navy divers located a wreck they believed to be that of Preble and recovered a number of artifacts, including a mast. Other than these artifacts, the wreck was basically left intact.

Made in: 1971

Made by: Verducci, Jack in Pearl Harbor, Hi

Bottle Size: 9" x 3 3/4"

Type of Bottle: Gordon's Gin

Condition: Excellent

USS Preble II 1839 - Sloop-of-War
USS Preble II 1839 - Sloop-of-War
USS Preble II 1839 - Sloop-of-War
USS Preble II 1839 - Sloop-of-War

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