Sailing Ship: USS Preble I 1813 - Sloop-of-War

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USS Preble I 1813 - Sloop-of-War
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This ship in the bottle is a replica of the 1813 USS Preble I. It sails on a sea of light blue with white ships wake. It is a Sloop with a black hull and white stripe around the gun ports, and a white bowsprit with a dolphin striker. The deck is natural wood color and has 10 cannons, 3 hatches, steering pole and anchor mounted on the bow. The ship has a single mast and 5 sails. The rigging is very well done and has both standing rigging in black and running rigging in white. A long banner flies from atop the mast and an American flag flies midway on the rigging. Under the sea is a label with the following words: "USS Preble I, 1813, Built for RV Cowles 1971 by Jack Verducci." It is sealed with a wooden stopper covered with red sealing wax. Ships History The first ship to be named PREBLE was an 80 ton Sloop, some times called COMMODORE PREBLE, was purchased on Lake Champlain in 1813. She was armed with seven 9-pounders and had a complement of 30 men. PREBLE was in the squadron of Commodore Thomas MacDonough on Lake Champlain and took part in the decisive Battle of Lake Champlain, 11 September 1814. She was laid up after the battle until July 1815 when she was sold at Whitehall, New York.

Made in: 1971

Made by: Verducci, Jack in Pearl Harbor, Hi

Bottle Size: 9" x 3 3/4""

Type of Bottle: Gordon's Gin

Condition: Excellent

USS Preble I 1813 - Sloop-of-War
USS Preble I 1813 - Sloop-of-War
USS Preble I 1813 - Sloop-of-War
USS Preble I 1813 - Sloop-of-War

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