Sailing Ship: Spanish War Ship

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Spanish War Ship
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A very interesting scene of a Spanish war ship sailing near an elevated castle. The ship has one large brown sail on a mast with a cross carved on the top. It has nice rigging . The ships has several elevated decks and a mast in the stern with a single flag with a large red cross. The land rises above the sea with a triangular castle with a flag on the top of each of the three turrets. The castle is very nicely made with stone-like appearance and the appropriate open windows and opening. There is a large well in the center of the castle. Outside the castle is a waterfall and a tree and vegetation. The bottle is sealed with wrapped rope which goes through the cork and is sealed with sealing wax.. The bottle rests on a nicely made plinth with curved slots.

Made in: 1950's in Spain

Bottle Size: 10" x 4"

Type of Bottle: Diego Zamora S.A. Spain 43

Condition: Very Good

Spanish War Ship
Spanish War Ship
Spanish War Ship
Spanish War Ship

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