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Soldiers Home - Ship
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This is an old mold blown "pumpkinseed" flask bottle with a carved wooden ship inside it. This ship in bottle was made by the "Soldier's Home Artist" who made many type of the models during the 1880 - 1890's. The ship is a 3 mast bark with an multi-colored hull with a pattern painted on in yellow, black and light gray or blue. The hull is carved out and painted red inside. The masts and spars are well proportioned. The masts are painted red with some white strips along the length. The tips of each mast is painted black. The rigging is made from white thread and is well done with both standing, running rigging, and shroud lines. The ship is suspended between the edges of the glass near the bottom of the bottle. Inside the bottle is a detached piece of folded paper. The flask was probably made between 1860 and 1890. It's stopper is a wooden shaft that is painted white with black ovals and dots painted on up and down the length. The shaft stops about 3/4" from the top of the neck opening and above the shaft is a patterned cork that extends approximately 1/2" outside the bottle. Inside the bottom and attached to the end of the shaft is what looks like a dugout canoe. This canoe is painted in the same way and with the same colors as the shaft. Protruding from both the bow and stern of the canoe is a long stick that had a glass bead on it when it was built. The beads have broke off and are in the bottom of the bottle. The neck of the bottle has some surface chips.

Made in: 1880 - 1890

Made by: Soldier's Home Artist

Bottle Size: 6 3/4" x 4 1/2'

Type of Bottle: Pumpkinseed Flask

Condition: Very Good

Soldiers Home - Ship
Soldiers Home - Ship
Soldiers Home - Ship
Soldiers Home - Ship

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