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This is a very old and well made 4 masted ship in a bottle. The ships is at anchor on a clam sea of deep green outside a town on a hill. The ship's hull is painted red on the bottom and the rest is gray. The bulwarks are painted white. The deck is natural wood with a raised deck on the bow and the stern. There are 4 well proportioned masts and yard arms. The tips of the yards and mast are painted white. The ship has details standing and running rigging very realistically portrayed. Atop 3 of the masts are unidentifiable flags. Behind the ships is a large town or village built on a steep brown hill. Scattered over hill are 18 houses and a tall lighthouse or tower. The houses are painted white with black windows and doors and red roofs. There are approximately 16 small trees scattered among the houses and the hill. Under the sea on the inside of the bottle is a label with the following wording with some of the words misspelled: "One Cristmas present for my best frend Meier Mr. Erich Lehm 1908 S.S Clea (sp?). The bottle is sealed with a cork.

Made in: 1908

Made by: Lehm, Erich

Bottle Size: 8 3/8" x 2 7/8"

Type of Bottle: Unidentified

Condition: Excellent


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