Sailing Ship: Santa Maria - Nao

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Santa Maria - Nao
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Very nice model of the Nao "Santa Maria" in a very small, light bulb type container. The ship is very detailed for such a small model. There are 3 masts, 5 sails, shrouds and ratlines and more. The bottle is sealed with a cork and has a Turks head knot around the neck. The model rests on a pedestal of round turned wood. On the bottom of the pedistal is a label stating: "Made in China for Authentic Models." Santa Maria The Santa Maria was Christopher Columbus' flagship in his fatefull voyage in 1492. On this voyage he also sailed with two caravels, the Nina and Pinta. The ship grounded off the coast of Haiti shortly after the discovery of the new world.

Made by: Authentic Models in China

Bottle Size: 2" x 1 3/4"

Type of Bottle: Round, bulb-type

Condition: Excellent

Santa Maria - Nao
Santa Maria - Nao
Santa Maria - Nao
Santa Maria - Nao

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