Sailing Ship: Providence - Sloop

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Providence - Sloop
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This is a hand-made model of John Paul Jones first command the "Providence." The ship, a fully rigged sailing vessel, is the faithful replica of John Paul Jones' first command. During her distinguished Naval career, the 12-gun Providence sank or captured 40 British enemy ships! In this model it sails on a calm green sea. The Sloop has a black hull. There is a single mast with 5 sails. An American flag flies form the rigging. The rigging is very nice and there are mast and yard hoops. The deck has 8 gun ports and you can see 4 cannons mounted on the deck. The ship is glued on a wooden block stand with the name "Providence 1775" on one side and the number 82 (perhaps the year the model was made) on another. This model came from the home and estate of D. Dineen, who died in 2002. He was a train and trolley modeler who occasional made other models such as this ship in a bottle.

Made in: 1982

Made by: Dinwwn, D. in Boston, MA

Bottle Size: 8 1/2" x 3 1/2"

Type of Bottle: 375ML Whiskey

Condition: Excellent

Providence - Sloop
Providence - Sloop
Providence - Sloop
Providence - Sloop

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