Sailing Ship: Prince De Neufchatel - American Privateer

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Prince De Neufchatel - American Privateer
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This is a very detailed and accurately made model of the American Privateer brigantine "Prince De Neufchatel." The ship sails on a choppy sea of dark blue. The bottom of the hull is a forest green, above that is a thin white stripe with a wide strip of black, then yellow, and black again. The ship has 22 gun ports with cannons protruding. There are also 2 cannons in the stern of the ship. The deck has several cabins and other features. There is a single life boat . There are 2 masts built in sections and 14 cloth sails. There is both standing in black thread and running rigging in white thread with shrouds and ratlines. There are many other features both bow and stern. Inside the bottle are 4 sea gulls flying at the top of the bottle and one gull lit on a spar on the main mast. An American flag flies from the stern rigging. The bottle neck is wrapped in white cord and locked with original sealing wax carries the following inscription on the seal: "SIGILLUM CERTIFICATIONUM CIUTITATIS DANTZICK" In addition, there is another seal with the portrait of Christopher Columbus and the inscription: "CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS DISCOVERER OF AMERICA - 1451 - 1506". There following was provided by the seller. "This model was built by a Captain while on board a high sea-going vessel on a journey in Eastern Asia."

Made in: Sea Voyage in Eastern Asia

Bottle Size: 11 1/2' x 6"

Type of Bottle: Unknown

Condition: Excellent

Prince De Neufchatel - American Privateer
Prince De Neufchatel - American Privateer
Prince De Neufchatel - American Privateer
Prince De Neufchatel - American Privateer

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