Sailing Ship: Peggy - Barque

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Peggy - Barque
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This is a very well made model of a barque named "Peggy" sailing on a calm sea of light blue past and strip of land. The ship has 3 masts and 12 sails. The hull is red on bottom, white in the middle and black on top with fake white gun ports. The bow has the name Peggy on it. The deck has railing around the bow and stern. There are cabins, hatches and 2 lifeboats on deck. The standing shrouds are black and the other rigging off white. The narrow strip of land has a small lighthouse and 4 houses. There are 10 palm type trees the length of the land. On the bottom of the bottle are 2 labels. One reads "Made by J. Harrison Hillswick, Shetland Isles." The other label says "To Peggy Butler from Bob Berry 18.6.1974."

Made in: 1974, June 18

Made by: Hillswick, J. Harrison in Shetland Isles

Bottle Size: 11 1/4" x 3"

Type of Bottle: Wm. Grant & Sons Scotch

Condition: Excellent

Peggy - Barque
Peggy - Barque
Peggy - Barque
Peggy - Barque

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