Sailing Ship: Ostasiatische Dschunke (Far East Junk)

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Ostasiatische Dschunke (Far East Junk)
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This is a detailed and accurately depicted model of a Far East Junk. The ship is built as a whole hull model. The hull is stained in a cherry colored wood. There is a rudder with black hinges shown in the stern with the steering arm rising from the deck. There are raised bulwarks and wooden railing starting low toward the bow and gradually rising to full height at the stern. The deck has 2 cabins and three hatches. There are three masts each with a full ribbed gray sail typical of a Junk in full sail. The rigging is very nice with black standing and white running rigging lines. On top of the center mast is a large white banner with the shape of an animal on it painted in red There is one oval shaped wooden piece of natural wood with a thin length of wood glued to the center of it fastened between the bulwark and the railing near the stern of the ship . There is a single black anchor on the side of the bow with coils of black rope. The bottle is sealed with a cork. Inside the bottle and attached to the middle of the cork is a label extending into the bottle that reads on both sides: "Ostasiatische (See.) Dschunke" This loosely means East Asia Junk. On one side of the label against the cork are the initials "A.S." presumably the initial of the maker, and on the other side is "1991" the year the model was made. The top of the cork is sealed with red sealing wax imprinted with an unidentifiable shield or coat of arms. Extending from the wax and tied around the bottle is a Turks Head knot. The bottle rests on and is glued to a 4 1/4" glass lid. Classic Chinese sailing vessel of ancient unknown origin, still in wide use. High-sterned, with projecting bow, the junk carries up to five masts on which are set square sails consisting of panels of linen or matting flattened by bamboo strips. Each sail can be spread or closed at a pull, like a venetian blind.

Made in: 1991

Made by: A.S. in Berlin, Germany

Bottle Size: 19 1/2" x 4 1/2"

Type of Bottle: Unidentified 3 liter

Condition: Excellent

Ostasiatische Dschunke (Far East Junk)
Ostasiatische Dschunke (Far East Junk)
Ostasiatische Dschunke (Far East Junk)
Ostasiatische Dschunke (Far East Junk)

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