Sailing Ship: Merchantman

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This is a very nice diorama of 3 masted ship sailing on a light blue sea with small whitecaps passing an elevated island with a small town. The ship has a black hull and brown, white and green colors are used for the upper hull. The ship has 3 masts and 7 sails plus one spritsail. There is both standing and running rigging with black used for the standing rigging and cream used for the running rigging. The island rises from the sea with sheer walls of granite or marble. The land is a carmel color with a tall lighthouse positioned at the sea edge of the island. There are 11 detailed and varied buildings including 2 churches with tall steeples and one with a castle like turret. There is a grove of 19 palm trees in background and 2 among buildings. There is a light blue sky with floating clouds pained on the inside of the bottle. The bottle is sealed with a cork with a plastic cap on one end and it rests on a small stand.

Made in: 1982 in Schleswig, Germany

Bottle Size: 19" x 4.5"

Type of Bottle: 3 liter, dimpled bottom, corked sealed.

Condition: Excellent


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