Sailing Ship: Man-of-War

ID: 97


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A very interesting model of a Man-of-War sailing on a "sea" of Baltic Sea amber stones. The ship was put in the bottle in multiple sections and shows many detail features. There are 12 cannons showing, parts of the keel, 3 decks with ladders and railing on the bow and stern decks. There are observation points on the bow and stern of the ship. The ship has 3 masts with 12 sails. Each mast has shroud lines and there is netting under the bowsprit. The stand is bent wood forming a cradle for the ship. The bottle is sealed with a long wooden stopper with a wooden rod going through the stopper and a peg for that piece. This would seem impossible to get in the neck of the bottle and keeps the stopper from coming out. The stopper is turned on the outside of the bottle with a ships wheel carved on the end.

Made in: Lithuania

Bottle Size: 11 1/2" x 3 1/2"

Type of Bottle: Unidentified

Condition: Excellent

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