Sailing Ship: Frigate

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Wonderful very detailed full style 3 mast ship with 18 unfurled sails. The Ship sits on stand with full keel and rudder showing. The hull is assembled in bottle by joining multiple wood sections. The ship has delicate masts, spars and yards. It has outstanding rigging with shrouds on each masts going up 2 levels. 6 pennant flags are on both sides of the hull. The ship sports a red, white and blue (unidentified flag. This ship model came from part of decorations in a full rich home front to the yacht club LA MARINA in Punta Del Este, a rich beach city in Uruguay. Numerous nautical items sold at auction. This was one of them.

Made in: Punta Del Este, Uruguay

Bottle Size: 10.5" x 5"

Type of Bottle: Jug with handle on top. Screw cap style.

Condition: Excellent


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