Sailing Ship: Delbert - Schooner

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Delbert - Schooner
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This is a very attractive model of a 3 masted schooner named "Delbert" sailing on a choppy sea of light blue. The background of the bottle is painted sky blue with clouds. The model is very well made and show nice proportion and balance. The hull has a red bottom, and black sides with white stripes. Gold portholes line the hull and the name Delbert is on the bow. The schooner has a gold masthead. There are 10 sails and shroud lines in black and white thread. The rigging is very good on this model. The deck shows planking and there are 2 deck houses and other drawn on effects. Under the bottle is a tag identifying the maker and location. The tag reads: J. Main Rosewood-Westfield Rd. Stonehaven, Scotland AB32EE This model came from an estate sail.

Made by: Main, J. in Stonehaven, Scotland

Bottle Size: 8 1/5" x 4 1/4"

Type of Bottle: Dimple, Haig with plastic cap

Condition: Excellent

Delbert - Schooner
Delbert - Schooner
Delbert - Schooner
Delbert - Schooner

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