Sailing Ship: Clipper Ship

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Clipper Ship
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A nice model of a clipper ship. The ship has 3 masts and 21 sails. The rigging is very nice and there are beads to look like blocks. The hull is natural wood color with a blue wale line. The deck has a raised cabin deck on the stern and a lifeboat. The ship is glued to a stick base with the name S. Roche "South Rock" 1/9/77 written in pencil. The ship is loose in the bottle because the sea has broken into small pieces. The neck of the bottle is sealed with a rope macramé around the neck and opening.

Made in: 1977, January 9

Made by: Roche, S. in England

Bottle Size: 12" x 3 3/4"

Type of Bottle: Cossack Vodka Bottle

Condition: Good

Clipper Ship
Clipper Ship
Clipper Ship
Clipper Ship

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