Sailing Ship: Clipper 1845

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Clipper 1845
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This is a detailed model based on an 1845 clipper ship. The ship is a whole hull model with individual planks visible in the hull. The deck also shows individual planking and has numerous deck features. There are two cabins, wench, steering wheel, life boat, masthead, and more. There are 3 masts with 12 sails. The lowest sail on each mast is tied off. There is both standing and running rigging with shrouds and ratlines. The bottle is sealed with a wooden cork. Under the hull and showing through the bottle is inscribed "AdVD' Uruguay 2002." This identifies the name of the maker, where made and when. THE ARTISAN, Álvaro de Vida, lives in Uruguay, and has been making ships in bottles since 1985. He has traveled to 14 countries in Latin America and Europe, and has participated in a large number of exhibitions. He is a member of the European Association of Ships in Bottles (EASIB).

Made in: 2002

Made by: de Vida, Álvaro in Uruguay

Bottle Size: 8" x 3"

Type of Bottle: Unidentified .5l, 36 mm

Condition: Excellent

Clipper 1845
Clipper 1845
Clipper 1845
Clipper 1845

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