Sailing Ship: America 1851 - Schooner

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America 1851 - Schooner
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Very well made model of "America 1851." The ship is displayed whole hull on a pedestal mount inside the bottle. The bottom of the hull is red and the top black with white bulwarks. There are 2 masts with the tall masts having 2 sections. The deck shows individual planking, capstan, hatches and 2 cabins. The bottle is sealed with a cork and has a Turks head knot around the neck tied off in red sealing wax. On the "t" shaped stand is the makers name Bbrown with the date of 03 (2003). Model was purchased from the builder.

Made in: 2003

Made by: Brown, Robert (Bob) in Belmont, New Hampshire

Bottle Size: 12" x 6"

Type of Bottle: Unidentified 3 liter

Condition: Excellent

America 1851 - Schooner
America 1851 - Schooner
America 1851 - Schooner
America 1851 - Schooner

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