Sailing Ship: Altona (Hamburg) - Full Rigged Ship

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Altona (Hamburg) - Full Rigged Ship
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Wonderful model of the ship "Altona" (Hamburg) sailing past a town on a hill. The ship has 3 masts, with the masts and spars painted red with white tips. There are no sails showing but the rigging is very nice and there is a German flag flying from the rear mast. The ship's hull is black and the bow and stern has raised white bulwarks. The deck has 4 structures and a capstan. The town has 3 levels with 20 buildings painted white with red roofs, including a windmill, church with steeple, lighthouse, tall smokestack with white smoke coming out. The background is painted a darker blue.

Made in: 1950's in Germany

Bottle Size: 12 1/2" x 3"

Type of Bottle: Unidentified .7L

Condition: Excellent

Altona (Hamburg) - Full Rigged Ship
Altona (Hamburg) - Full Rigged Ship
Altona (Hamburg) - Full Rigged Ship
Altona (Hamburg) - Full Rigged Ship

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