Sailing Ship: 4 Mast Clipper

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4 Mast Clipper
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This is a model of a 4 mast clipper sailing on a choppy sea of blue. The ship sails away from the opening of the bottle, generally this is regarded as a more difficult way to build a ship in bottle. The hull is white with 4 black port holes painted on each side of the bow and 3 black port holes painted on each side of the stern. The deck is solid red with 2 large cabins painted white with black port holes. The roofs are painted red. There is a raised deck in the bow painted green with a red wench. The is a white raised deck on the stern with a red cabin with a triangle roof. There are 4 masts with 19 tissue like sails. The rigging is nicely done from white thread. There is an American flag flying form the stern rigging and there are 3 signal flags below the flag. There is a small lighthouse or perhaps buoy from the stern of the ship that is painted red, white and black. This detailed ship in a bottle sat on a back bar at a tavern owned by a Mr. Klimas who lived above the tavern. The tavern was called Klees Tavern and was founded in 1947. The ship, in a Gordon's gin bottle. was made by one of the regular customers to the tavern. He was called Zippie and he was in the merchant marine for most of his life until he lost an arm in a accident. When he worked on one of his ships in a bottle he always had a few Gordon's gin to steady his arm. Zippie was remembered as having a kind smile and not much hair. He was not a big man as was slight of build. He spent some time living in a hotel called Tavern Rest Hotel on route 46 in Hackettstown, NJ.

Made in: 1970's

Made by: Zippie in Hackettstown, NJ

Bottle Size: 11 3/4" x 3 1/4"

Type of Bottle: Gordons Gin

Condition: Excellent

4 Mast Clipper
4 Mast Clipper
4 Mast Clipper
4 Mast Clipper

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