Sailing Ship: 1776 Boston Merchantman - Tea Clipper

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1776 Boston Merchantman - Tea Clipper
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This is a replica of a 1776 Boston merchant ship. The ship is very detailed and realistically crafted. The ship sails in a calm sea of light blue. The bottom of the hull is white and the top part is a light yellow with black stripe on each side of the yellow. The bowsprit is in 2 sections and there is a dolphin striker. There are chain plates showing on the sides of the hull where the shroud lines are attached. The ship has 3 masts and each is built in three sections as would an actual mast. There are 21 sails with stitch and reef lines drawn on. The ship has standing rigging in black thread and running rigging is white thread. An American colonial flag flies from the stern sail. The deck has several well proportioned deck features including cabins and hatches. There are 10 cannons shown on the main deck with barrels extending through gun ports in the hull. The bottle is sealed with a large natural wooden turned stopper. The bottle rests on a custom natural wood stand and the is a plaque on the front section which reads "Boston Merchantman 1776 Otto Schulze 2000." The bottle rests against a peg in the back and is tied down across the back and front of the bottle.

Made in: 2000

Made by: Schulze, Otto

Bottle Size: 11 1/2" x 4 1/2"

Type of Bottle: Unidentified 1.5 liters

Condition: Excellent

1776 Boston Merchantman - Tea Clipper
1776 Boston Merchantman - Tea Clipper
1776 Boston Merchantman - Tea Clipper
1776 Boston Merchantman - Tea Clipper

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