People/Figure: Windboard

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Nice representation of a surfer riding a wind board across the waves. The surfer is a man with a red top and black bottoms and he is holding on the bar attached to the mast and circling the sail. The wind board is white with red/green diagonal stripes toward the front and rear of the board. The wind sail has the clear area so the surfer can see across the other side. The sail has a red strip at the mast and wavy red and green colors in the middle. The is a B.3 on the sail and at the top a M. The bottle is sealed with a cork with a life buoy on top. The neck of the bottle is wrapped with a red rope. The bottle is cradled in a bowl-like piece shaped like the bottom of the bottle and that is sitting on a black wooden platform. Built by Peter Zehe, a painter by trade.

Made in: 1985

Made by: Zehe, Peter in Koblenz, Germany

Bottle Size: 8 1/2" 4"

Type of Bottle: Upright Vinoditalia

Condition: Excellent


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