People/Figure: Tina - Yachting

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Tina - Yachting
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Very well made yacht called the "Tina." There is a cabin with clear windows, railing, tie downs, life preserver, and a man sitting on a stool steering the yacht. There is a tall mast with 2 sails, one with the number 42 on it. There is a small row boat being pulled by the yacht. In the water are two air rafts each with a woman sunbathing in the nude. There is also a surfboard with a nude woman reclining on it. The bottle is sealed with wax and has a ring life preserver on top. The neck is wrapped with rope. Built by Peter Zehe, a painter by trade.

Made in: 1983

Made by: Zehe, Peter in Koblenz, Germany

Bottle Size: 14" x 5"

Type of Bottle: Unidentified Upright 80 mm

Condition: Excellent

Tina - Yachting
Tina - Yachting
Tina - Yachting
Tina - Yachting

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