People/Figure: Man Building Schooner

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Man Building Schooner
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This is a model of a man in a bottle sitting on floor and crafting a 2 masted schooner on a table. The floor is made up of 5 piece of wood planks. The man has black hair and is wearing glasses. He is wearing a grey top over a white T-shirt, green pants, and black shoes. He is inserted in the bottle in multiple pieces. The schooner sits on a table made with 3 sections and has 2 masts, 4 sails, and shroud lines. The hull is red and the deck has a cabin. There is a ball of rigging rope and a pencil on the table. Beneath the table is a set of drawn plans and scrapes of wood. There is a wastebasket nearby with dowels and wood scrapes.

Made in: Germany

Bottle Size: 7.5" x 4"

Type of Bottle: 100 cl Lab Bottle

Condition: Very Good

Man Building Schooner
Man Building Schooner
Man Building Schooner
Man Building Schooner

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