Military: USS Preble III 1901 - Destroyer

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USS Preble III 1901 - Destroyer
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This is the model of the 1901 USS Preble III. The ship sails on a light blue sea with white wake from the ship. The entire hull and deck of the ship is painted in a dark gray. There are port windows represented on the bow of the ship. The ship has raised decks and has three different guns and cannons in different sizes. Each is set in a round turret. There are 4 large smoke stacks with dark billowing smoke with highlights of red for effect. The ship has a single, very large mast with a yardarm on the top and shrouds. On the very top is a long banner and an American flag. There are 2 white lifeboats handing from davits toward the stern and what looks like torpedoes and other cargo on the deck. Under the sea is a label with the following words: "USS Preble III 1901, Built for RV Cowles 1971 by Jack Verducci." It is sealed with a wooden stopper covered with red sealing wax. Ships History The third PREBLE (DD-12) was laid down by the Union Iron Works, San Francisco, Calif., 21 April 1899 launched 2 March 1901, sponsored by Miss Ethel Preble. PREBLE had an over-all length of 146'; extreme beam 15'4"; normal displacement 154.6 tons; mean draft 5'10"; and designed complement of 3 officers and 21 men. Her original armament was three 1-pounders and three 18" triple torpedo tubes. Her designed speed was 22.5 knots DD-12 USS PREBLE - 1901PREBLE, assigned to the Pacific Fleet, operated with the 4th and 2nd Torpedo Flotillas off the western seaboard from Washington to the Panama Canal Zone until 1908. On April 18 1906, San Francisco experienced "The Great Earthquake and Fire." PREBLE participated in the rescue effort by landing shore parties to assist the wounded at Harbor Emergency Hospital. PREBLE made a cruise to Hawaii and Samoa (24 August-November 1908) then resumed west coast operations, continuing them until 4 February 1909, when she arrived at Mare Island Navy Yard for inactivation. In reserve 23 February-17 September, she was then reassigned to the Pacific Torpedo Flotilla, and until 1913 operated with Torpedo Flotilla, Pacific Fleet. Placed in reserve again 19 June 1913, she remained at Mare Island Navy Yard until resuming operations with the torpedo flotilla 23 April 1914. Torpedo practice, gunnery exercises and minesweeping operations followed, and during the summer of 1915 PREBLE participated in a cruise to Alaskan waters to gather logistic information. After another period in reserve status (25 October 1914, 3 April 1917), PREBLE departed San Diego 30 April 1917 for the east coast. She arrived at Norfolk 13 July and, until the end of World War I, was engaged in coastwise convoy duty along the mid-Atlantic seaboard. Remaining on the east coast after the war, she decommissioned at New York, 11 July 1919. Her name was struck from the Navy List 15 September 1919 and she was sold, 3 January 1920, to Joseph G. Hitner of Philadelphia, Pa.

Made in: 1971

Made by: Verducci, Jack in Pearl Harbor, Hi

Bottle Size: 10 3/4" x 3 1/8"

Type of Bottle: Morozoff

Condition: Excellent

USS Preble III 1901 - Destroyer
USS Preble III 1901 - Destroyer
USS Preble III 1901 - Destroyer
USS Preble III 1901 - Destroyer

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