Military: Prinz Eugen - WW II Heavy Cruiser

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Prinz Eugen - WW II Heavy Cruiser
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This is a very well made and detailed model of the Prinz Eugen, a heavy battle cruiser and part of the Hipper Class. The ship is sailing on a sea of green in front of a raised land mass. The ship's hull and deck features are painted in the dark gray color used on the originals. Along the length of the hull are port windowsindented in the wood. The decks are left in natural wood color. On the main deck are 4 single gun cannons and 3 large 3 gun cannons. The upper deck has many deck pieces appropriate for these ships. Two masts extend from the deck with wires connected to the yard arms and stretch between the 2 masts. A sea plane is positioned on mount on the upper deck. There are many pieces that would be used in radar, control and more that are represented in this model. The cruiser sails in front of a land mass rising above rocky cliffs. The is a lighthouse and village scene with 6 buildings shaped and painted differently. There is a background of sky and clouds painted inside the bottle. The seller submitted the following information: "the model was made by my grandpa, Kurt Schirdewahn, Obermaat (Sargent) who served as a Maschinist (Heizer) in the German Navy from 1929 - 1945. He build the bottleship in 1945 while a Warprisioner in a British Prosionercamp. The ship is the "Prinz Eugen,' a German poketbattleship." Prinz Eugen The Prinz Eugen was launched in 1938 as part of an ambitious peacetime building program intended to bring the Kriegsmarine to equal terms with the Royal Navy. But in 1941 she commissioned into a fleet unprepared for war, facing a vastly superior enemy. Her career epitomized the difficulties faced by the German surface fleet in WW2. Victories in the spirit of her namesake, Prinz Eugen of Savoy, would elude her. Her North Atlantic sortee with Bismarck and the sinking of the Hood in April 1941 earned her a place in history, but the destruction of the Bismark left no real cause for celebration. The daring dash through the English Channel may have been a moral victory but it was no great contribution to the war effort. Prinz Eugen's finest hour came when her shells held back advancing Red Armies, allowing a mass German exodus from the Baltic. But it came only during the Reich's final hours. She never sunk a single enemy vessel, but her crew fondly remember her as "the lucky ship." Although heavily damaged on several occasions, Prinz Eugen was the only heavy surface unit of the Kriegsmarine to survive WW2 intact. Under the circumstances, it was more than could be expected.

Made in: 1945

Made by: Schirdewahn, Kurt in British Prison Camp

Bottle Size: 8 3/4" x 2 1/4"

Type of Bottle: Half round and flat on three sides of the other half.

Condition: Very Good

Prinz Eugen - WW II Heavy Cruiser
Prinz Eugen - WW II Heavy Cruiser
Prinz Eugen - WW II Heavy Cruiser
Prinz Eugen - WW II Heavy Cruiser

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