Liner/Ferry: Passenger Steamship

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Passenger Steamship
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A delightful scene of a passenger steamship sailing past a town nearby and away from the neck of the bottle. The ship's hull is red and the top of the hull and all decks are white. The ship is fairly plain but does have 4 decks, 2 masts, minor rigging, 2 smokestacks with white cotton smoke coming out and potholes drawn in yellow. The town sits on a mountain side and has structures in white with red roofs, including a lighthouse, church with steeple, and 10 other houses with small schrubs beside each. There is a tunnel going into the mountain with a train coming out of the tunnel. The steam engine has smoke coming from the stack and there are 2 passenger cars showing in the scene.

Made in: 1920 - 1930

Bottle Size: 9 1/2" x 3"

Type of Bottle: Unidentified rectangular

Condition: Excellent

Passenger Steamship
Passenger Steamship
Passenger Steamship
Passenger Steamship

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