Light Bulb: Ships in a Light Bulb

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Ships in a Light Bulb
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This is a nice diorama built in a light bulb of 3 ships sailing near a land mass with 2 large buildings in the background. The ships are sailing on a sea of light blue with some light whitecaps. The ships are placed in the bulb sailing away from the opening. The ship toward the front is a smaller liner type with a black lower hull and a blue upper hull. There is a single mast with an unidentified flag flying from the top. A flag with the colors of Holland is set on the stern of the ship. The ship has layered upped decks and main deck features. There is a single smokestack with cotton smoke billowing out. The 2nd ship is slightly larger an has a blue hull with a painted white upper stern with 5 black ports. There are 2 masts and a bow sprit with a single spar and sail. There are a total of 5 very colorful sails. An unidentified flag sails from the top of the main mast and a banner is flying from the other mast. There are 2 deck cabins and a hatch. The 3rd ship is a warship with a gray lower hull and a gold upper hull. A single cannon is mounted on toward the bow of the ship. There is a large raised cabin deck with black pot windows. A large square tapered mast like structure raises from the large deck cabin and there are several signal flags flying from thread rigging. A flag from what looks to be Denmark flies from the stern of the ship. Behind the ships are card cutouts of a length of land and tow large buildings, one resembling the style of a factory and the other a double tower building with multiple windows. The back of the inside of the bulb is painted light blue much like the sea and the are scattered clouds. The light bulb is sealed with a cap resembling a coke bottle style.

Made in: 1940 - 1950

Bottle Size: 6 1/2 " x 3 1/8"

Type of Bottle: Light Bulb

Condition: Excellent

Ships in a Light Bulb
Ships in a Light Bulb
Ships in a Light Bulb
Ships in a Light Bulb

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