Light Bulb: Seute Deern - Yacht

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Seute Deern - Yacht
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This is a highly detailed model of a yacht named the Seute Deern sailing on a choppy sea of blue/green. The hull is white with a dark brown stripe near the waterline and the rudder fully displayed on the stern. On the bow is the name Steute Deern painted on each size. On the stern are the words "WYC Jorge.? (sp?) On each side is a very detailed rudder/oar with individual planks. The deck shows individual natural wood planking. There are many items on the deck including hitches, steering wheel, grates, anchor hanging from the bow, German flag on the stern and a large cabin and lower galley. The cabin or deck house has port windows, door, skylight and several other deck features. There is a lower galley with grating and more. A single mast extends up from the rope of the deck house and there are 3 brown sails showing the reef lines and stitches. The sail is attached to the mast with cording along the entire length and the rigging is very well done.

Made in: Oldenburg, Germany

Bottle Size: 11" x 4 1/2"

Type of Bottle: Halide Lightbulb

Condition: Excellent

Seute Deern - Yacht
Seute Deern - Yacht
Seute Deern - Yacht
Seute Deern - Yacht

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