Light Bulb: Gaugi - Ship

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Gaugi - Ship
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This is a great model of a 3 mast ship at anchor near a village on a whitecapped sea of green. This diorama is built in a large light bulb. The ship's hull is red on the bottom and white on the remainer. The name "Gaugi" is painted on the bow of the ship. The spars and masts are well proportioned and the rigging is nicely done. A German flag flys from the stern rigging. The village is built on the bank of the water and rises to resemble a hillside. There are 10 various types of buildings all in white with red roofs. There are 8 carved trees placed throughout. The lightbulb rests on a wooden stand carved out to accept the bulb on one end and a wooden rest for the socket to sit on on the other end. Ametal band goes around three quuarters of the base. The end of the socket is open so that an light bulb can be plugged in an light up the bulb inside.

Made in: Germany

Bottle Size: 9" x 4 1/2"

Type of Bottle: Light bulb

Condition: Excellent

Gaugi - Ship
Gaugi - Ship
Gaugi - Ship
Gaugi - Ship

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