Light Bulb: 3 Mast Bark

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3 Mast Bark
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A somewhat strange and folksy scene built inside a light bulb of a ship sailing on a sea of deep blue in front of small village on a hillside. The ship's hull is red on the bottom and white on top with a thin yellow stripe separating the colors. The ship has 3 masts with 16 sails. On top of each mast is an exaggerated, oversized flag. The country flag is Great Britain. The rigging is nice but fairly simple. There is a very large oversized paper anchor on the bow of the ship. The village has 5 very colorful buildings and 2 towers. Each structure has a red roof. The back of the light bulb is painted light blue inside the bulb and there are 2 very large birds cut out of paper and glued on the sky. The black porcelain was removed in order to insert the ship and scene and sealed back with a cork, shaped and painted to resemble the original black porcelain.

Made in: 1950 - 1960 in United Kingdom

Bottle Size: 8" x 4 1/4"

Type of Bottle: Light Bulb


3 Mast Bark
3 Mast Bark
3 Mast Bark
3 Mast Bark

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